Hello! I’m Daniel Ivanovich, a current high school junior with a passion for computer science. In my spare time, I work on various projects, covering everything from web development to graphic design.

I am member of the Energize Andover program, in which my high school’s top programmers are given access to town data and write software to minimize the use of energy town-wide.

I have been a member of one of the Andover Robotics Club’s FTC teams, ARC Thunder since 2017, and have been the team’s head of code since 2018. In 2019, I was elected as the club-wide Chief Software Officer (CSO), and we made it to the FIRST World Championships.

I have over years of programming experience, with advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, and Python. I am also proficient in Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and use GitHub as my VCS.

On this site, I keep an up-to-date porfolio and a blog in which I describe my experience at Energize Andover, explain some of my projects in-depth, and create tutorials.